Beat Your DUI - Three Actions You Can Do to Help Your DUI Lawyer

Beat Your DUI – Three Actions You Can Do to Help Your DUI Lawyer

You cannot charge DUI fees on your records. Therefore, you can go out and find the best DUI lawyer in Toronto. You signed the contract, paid the lawyer’s fee, handed the ruling power to the DUI lawyer, and then sat down, right?

Not completely. To a certain extent, perhaps that the best part of hiring a Toronto DUI lawyer is to understand your convenience and sense of security in a good state, and the DUI lawyer will handle your case. This is true, but if you want the best possible solution or the most significant possible satisfactory result, you need to defend actively. After all, no one knows your situation better than you. Therefore, I have provided three things you can do today to help your criminal lawyer defeat your case.

  1. Provide information. Lots of information.

My clients will tell me stories there, interrupt themselves, and apologize for their apologies—no need to say sorry. Your Toronto DUI lawyer needs to know the details of what happened and understand you and your routine to the same extent to better defend your allegations. Did you work extra hours a week before leading to DUI’s arrest on Friday night? Ten years ago, did you have a bad experience with police officers that caused you to work like on a videotape? Your DUI lawyer needs information.

You don’t have to be a filter when providing information. Let your lawyer be the screener. I tell my clients to provide me with all the content they think is relevant, and then let me figure out what to include and what to exclude. Remember, the “lawyer-client” privilege protects you. Let your DUI lawyer understand what happened.

Finally, if your DUI lawyer provides you with a question form, please fill it out! When you remember these facts on the day of the event, he wants you to remember them. This will only help.

  1. Take Pictures

If your DUI lawyer is right, he will eventually arrive at the crime scene (where the DUI stopped happening) and take pictures. Make sure he knows where to look. And help your DUI lawyer visually. Take pictures. There is nothing better than a customer who brought photos in the first week. It helps us both to have a firm understanding of the relevant facts. Facts can obscure with the death of months throughout DUI prosecutions.

  1. Work to Keep an Open Line of Interaction with Your Lawyer

Look, we are all humans. It is easy for a lawyer to do his thing and then fade out in the background without worrying about what is going on. Especially in the DUI prosecution, this may last for several months. But open communication with your DUI lawyer is essential: for both parties. I ask all customers to provide my email address. If they do not receive my letter within 3-4 weeks, I encourage them to leave me a message to see what happened.

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